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Duct Tape Wallet

This is my instuctable about how to make a duct tape wallet.

There are many ways that a duct tape wallet can be made this one of those ways that i found easiest.

For this wallet i have used green duct tape but any colour can be used as long as it is a strong tape.

i also used jute twine for this wallet. i usually make my wallets completly out of tape but i decided this time to secure the ends with string to give the wallet a different look.

if you dont want to use this method then when i mention using the thread seal the ends together with more tape.

Tools and Materials

Materials — 1 role duct tape
string or twine

Tools -scissors


To start with you need to make what i call duct tape fabric.

To do this you need to take 2 legnths of duct tape about 10'' long and lay them sticky side together so that they overlap on half the width.
repeat this till you get a a piece of fabric that is 10'' long by 3'' wide for the pieces that are at the end simply fold them over to get a neat edge. use scissors to trim the rough edges so that the legnth is 10'' long


To make the wallet you need to fold the duct tape legnth ways slightly of center.
This forms the main pocket of your wallet.
at this point if you dont wish to use the twine or string then you simply use a piece of tape and place it over the edges sealing them together.

if your using twine or string then you first decide how you want to use the string, this will decide what look you wallet will have.

Im not sure of the stich i chose. I thought that it looked good.

the first thing you have to do, regardless of what stich you have chose, is to make the holes for the string/twine to go through to do this i used a screwdriverto punch a hole through both pieces whilst folded so that they lined up.

I then took the srting/twine and threaded it trough the holes. once the first stich is secured continue to stich and secure both sides depending on what stitch you used.

Adding a Card Slot

Most wallets have several slots for a credit cards or ids.
I decided to keep my wallet simple and have only the one slot for my debit card if i need to i can add more later.

to add the slot you need to make more ductape fabric. this time use a smaller piece a bit bigger than a standard credit card i used three strips of duct tape overlaped as before. once trimed use more tape to secure three of the four edges down to the wallet.
this then creates a pocket for your card.

Congratulations. your wallet is complete now fill it with money . for a final touch what i do is to fold it in half the way it is going to be used and place it in my back pocket for a few hours to flatten it into a wallet .shape.

I hope you enjoy making your wallet. please feel free to improve this design.

This is just a basic design that can be improved so if you do can you upload a pic and show me what you came up with. Thank you


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