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Clear Plastic Wallet

We've all seen the wallets made out of paper, duct tape, and even tyvek® material. Here's my personal spin on the homemade wallet using nothing more than an old 3 ring binder, some scissors, and a small amount of tape


As stated in the intro, this Ible only requires a few materials. To make your sweet new wallet you will need:

1. An old 3 ring binder (the kind with the clear plastic on the front and back)
2. A good pair of sharp scissors, an x-acto knife, or another cutting tool of your choosing
3.sharpie marker or pen
4.*Optional* two 3 inch by 1 inch strips of Duct tape

Cutting the Plastic

this is the only dangerous step. you'll have to be careful cutting the plastic as it can be a bit tricky to cut straight lines

1: Cut along the edges of the binder so that there all of the clear plastic comes off
2: lay an 8x11" sheet of paper on top of the plastic and carefully trace the edge with a pen or marker.
3: with the knife or scissors cut out a the 8x11" sheet of plastic

Laying the Tracks

In this step we will fold the plastic hamburger style twice and then fold it in half so that it takes the shape of a wallet. The pictures should show you how. Note since we're using clear plastic it is hard to see details in the folding so starting with the next step i will demonstrate with paper.

Making the Incisions

Next we cut along the dark lines and then fold the sides in as shown. Note: it is easier to cut the "diamond Shape" out with a knife so that you don't have to cut anywhere else to get to it. This area will become the card slots.

Finishing Touches

Once the plastic is all folded up and resembles a wallet you can use the duct tape that I mentioned before to close off the edges. this is especially helpful if the zipper folds that you made at the ends of the wallet dont stay very well. I think it adds a cool touch as well. well there you have it....a clear wallet. have fun putting your stuff into your sweet new wallet!


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