From DIY home decor to handmade gifts, here are the best arts and crafts to spark your creativity

Carleyy's Blog Round Up

Thanks for checking back for this weeks edition of my blog round up. I really appreciate all of your comments and support last week. I love getting feedback so keep 'em coming!

I will be posting daily forum topics of cool things I find on the internet so be sure to check in on my page to see what I dig up:)

I have lots of great things in store this week including reuse projects, some cool tech inspiration, and cute crafty projects to name a few...


Reuse projects are the best because you get rid of junk you don't use but you feel like you're giving yourself a new present. I know I have problems with holding on to things for too long! Check out these reuse projects and make something nifty.

Revive your old t-shirts. I love this unique t-shirt reuse project! I have so many awesome t's that build up in the back of my closet. Why not create some fun underwear?

I found these on SuperNaturale another DIY website filled with crafty and nerdy projects:)

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Kick your bad habit by re-purposing your cigarette case . Create a sleek customized wallet that fits your money and credit cards.

This was posted on Just Something I Made another cool DIY website.


Feeling like you should be making some money for all those cooky crafts you've been making?

Craftaazar has put together two lists to get you started. They even give you a description of each website along with what types of products that site specialize in.

84 Places To Sell Your Crafts Online
40 Places to Make Money Designing and Selling Your Own Products

Random Crafting

Add a splash of COLORFUL to any room.

These colorful rice creations were originally made as Easter egg decorations. I don't see why this technique couldn't be used to make other fun decorations as well!! A colorful rice alphabet would be perfect on a child's wall.

Find more cool sewing and craft tutorials on dana-made-it .

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I know its just soap but its soooooo cute! I am always shocked at how I can find soap so cute (yes, I've seen other cute soaps). Learn how to make your own Snow-Globe Soap at Alphamom .

TECH Inspiration

Both of these projects come from fashioningtechnology .

First we have Reactive Wallpaper by Celine Marcq . For her graduate thesis project, Marcq creates a reactive wallpaper that changes shape and color as it visualizes electrical energy usage.

Next is Animated Textiles by Meg Grant. She uses small motors to open and closed this folded paper structure. It is intended to be used with fabric and installed in clothing. Amazing!

Weekly Challenge

Every week, as part of this round-up, I want to pose our crafty community a challenge.
Take the inspiration I provide and make your own Instructable from it.
Everyone who participates will get a special patch!

This week's challenge is: Lego Jewelry by JacQueline Sanchez
I heard about this high-end lego jewelry from a woman I met at MakeSF event. I decided to check it out. It is beautiful jewelry but I'm a DIYer and I don't think I could shell out this kind of money for something I think I could make myself.

Once you've made your Instructable, be sure to add it to the Check It Out! Challenge Group, so I'll know to give you a patch.

Last weeks challenge: Peel-away wallpaper made by ZNAK as seen on is still open. HINT: think shelf liner, vinyl contact paper, etc...

I can't wait to see what you make!


Renegade Craft Fair — a large-scale DIY event featuring hundreds of independent artists and their unique handmade items. Go to purchase handmade crafts, attend a craft workshop, and listen to live music! Dates as follows:
Los Angeles — July 24+25
San Francisco — July 31 + Aug. 1
Chicago — Sept 11+12
I'll be in LA and SF for this event so I get twice! Check in for pictures and updates about artists that caught my eye!

Craft's N'At — Sunday, August 29, 2010, 12–5 pm in Pittsburgh
Applications are open to submit to Pittsburgh Craft Collective's Crafts N'At. Independent crafters show and sell their crafts. Featuring over 100 vendors, craft demonstrations, and live performances.


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