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Melt & Pour Soap

Easy to do, fun to make and great gifts!

Gather What You Need

Gather anything you might need to make your soap. There are a lot of things you can use, but the basics are:
1. Melt & Pour glycerin soap
2. Fragrance
3. Color
4. A mold. Can be store bought or you can use anything that you can manipulate easily enough to remove the soap, nothing too hard like a cake pan, but silicone or even an old plastic container will work great.
5. Spray bottle of rubbing alcohol.
6. Glass container to melt soap.
7. Whisk or other stirring tool.

You can also get things to mix in, or make smaller soaps to do so. Also, if giving as a gift, some way to package the soap.

Melt Soap

If you haven't already, cut the soap into small cubes. I melt mine in the microwave. The glass container I use it takes anywhere from 1 minute to 1 minute 30 seconds to melt the soap completely.

Prepare color & fragrance choice as well as mold choice.

Pour Into Mold

Pour into chosen mold then spray top with alcohol to remove air bubbles.

Let It Sit

Let the soap sit until hard, or if you are like me, impatient, pop in the freezer. When hard, remove from mold.


If giving as a gift, package away! This is some lavender oatmeal soap I made for my husband's ex wife — hey she's my stepkid's mom.


When stirring in something like oatmeal or coffee grounds/instant coffee, do so when you add the fragrance and color.

If putting in something like a silly band or the small hearts, pour a layer, let it cool slightly then put it in, this way it won't float if you add a second color or when you pour the rest. Otherwise, it'll float to the top.

Oatmeal is great, but stirred in or just put in the middle of two layers. My kids don't like the smell, even with fragrance, so if it is stirred in it's less.. odorous.

Have fun, experiment and look online for some really great ideas for stir-ins, recipes and molds.


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