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Mason Jar Soap Dispenser With a Message Board

Create your own Manson Jar Soap dispenser using the 3D printed parts and a dispenser pump which you can salvage form an old lotion/cream bottle.

In addition 3D print the message board parts and use standard size post-it to leave a message for folks at home,say if you leave early for work in the morning and you know the first thing they would do is go to the restroom to brush their teeth..

I was motivated to do this simple project after seeing a fancy and expensive Manson jar Soap Dispenser at a local home improvement store..

Thing You'll Need

Manson Jar

Soap dispenser pump from an old Lotion or a soap bottle

Super Glue

Laptop to download and send commands to print the stl file

3D printer to print the parts attached in step 2

3D printing filament, I am using HATCHBOX 1.75mm Orange/Green PLA

Oil based paint Maker if you plan to color your 3D printed part

Post-it and pen to leave a message

3D Printing Parts

Download the 3D printing software that you printer supports, in my case i am using the Printrbot Simple Metal which use Repetier-Host as a software to

  • Slice the STL files attached, which basically means cutting the part into various layers
  • And send commands to the 3D printer while printing

Download the STL files one by one attached and load it in your printer software and slice the files.

Color and Glue the Message Boad

Using an Oil based paint Maker color the letters in the base Post-it 3D printed part

Super Glue the top Post-it 3D printed part to the base as shown in the picture above

Measure and Cut You Soap Dispenser Tube

Most probable the pipe of your dispenser pump is longer when compared to the depth of the Manson Jar, using approximation cut the piece of the tube as show in the picture

Add Soap to the jar and put all the part together

To leave a message use standard size post-it that you'll find at your local stationary store


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