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How to Make Eyeglass Cleaner

With these 10 steps of instructions, one will learn how to make eyeglass cleaner for their glasses or shades; basically anything with lenses could potentially be cleaned with this homemade eyeglass cleaner.

Gather Supplies

You will need:
- cloth to wipe
- 2oz. spray bottle
- common rubbing alcohol
- dish soap
- water

Eliminate Potential Issues

- tie-up hair that passes shoulders
- wash hands


- Grab spray bottle and open it up.

Pour in Rubbing Alcohol

- pour rubbing alcohol into the spray bottle until the spray bottle is 3/4’s full.

*hold spray bottle to alcohol and turn upside to pour in*

Drop in Dish Soap

- add only 3 drops of dish soap to the spray bottle.

*soap pours fast so slowly add in drops of dish soap*

Let It Sit

- let rubbing alcohol and dish soap sit together for 30 seconds.

Pour in Water

- fill the rest of the spray bottle with water.

Let It Sit... Again

- let all 3 liquids sit together for another 30 seconds.

Gently Shake

- add the cap back on to the spray bottle and gently shake for 10 seconds.

Testing Time

- apply the eyeglass cleaner to the lenses as needed.
- use cloth to wipe the lenses as needed.


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