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Hedgehog Pouch

This is a guide to help anyone that is looking to make a pouch for a smaller animal. Predominantly this is for hedgehog's, however could also be for guinea pigs or similar.

You will need:

  • Cotton fabric (FQ: 22" by 18")
  • Fleece of contrasting colour (FQ: 22" by 18")
  • Thread of corresponding colour
  • Good pair of fabric scissors
  • Sewing machine (optional Overlocker)

Time needed: 10 minutes (more or less depending on experience)

Cut Fabric to Size

The fabric does not need to be exactly the same measures as given above, however both the fleece and the cotton fabric should be the same size as one another.

Best way to do this is to place one piece on top of the other and trim using a good pair of fabric scissors.

Fold and Sew (part 1)

Fold both of the pieces of fabric in half along the longer length, this will allow the pouch to have a nice width for the 'larger' animals.

Using an overlocker (sewing machine would be fine), sew along the long length of the cotton fabric approximately 1" in from the edge. This should make a very simple fabric tunnel.

Fold and Sew (part 2)

Now do the same with the fleece material, however make sure that you do the longer edge of the material and one of the two ends. This should now make a very simple fleece bag.

Looking at the third image above, you should have three sewn edges (depicted by the red lines) and two folded edges (depicted by the blue lines).

Attach the Two Parts Together

Turn the fleece part inside out, so that the stitching is on the inside, of the 'bag'. Place the fleece into fabric tunnel and line the open end of the bag with one end of the tunnel.

Using the overlocker (sewing machine is also fine), sew around two fabrics attaching them to one another. Be careful at this point as fleece tends to stretch a lot more than the cotton fabric, as such you may want to go around it a couple of time to ensure there are no holes.

Finalise the Opening

Turn the whole thing inside out, so that the cotton fabric is on the outside, and the fleece is on the inside. Using a sewing machine, sew around the opening again, but this time approximately 1" of the way from the opening.

This takes the stress off of the main join and allows you and the animal to further tug at the fabric without a hole appearing at the opening.

Close the End

The last piece of sewing that you will need to undertake is the opening in the cotton at the end of the pouch. This can be taken care of easily, but if it is your first time it can be fiddly so be patient!

Fold/roll the opening into the end of the pouch by about a half-an-inch, and sew this shut. This lie of stitching is the only stitching that is visible, so take your time, and make it 'pretty'.


Now you should have a finished pouch, just check a couple of things first before handing it to your hog, pig, or rat.

  • Check that when you pull the inside out, that there are no holes on any of the seams, or in the corners
    • The smallest hole will give the animal a starting point to ruin your hard work
  • No loose threads are left on the pouch anywhere
    • This could cause concerns for your animal if the thread gets caught around a limb

If both of these are okay, then put the fleece back inside the cotton, and roll over the end of the pouch, and feel free to hand this to your lucky pet:)


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