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One of a Kind Glasses

Here is the end result! You can make awsome glasses or shot glasses with these step by step instructions!

Step 1: Gathering All Your Supplies

You will need to make sure you have...

  • tape
  • a ruler
  • a pen or sharpie
  • old alcohol bottles (mini or big depends if you want to make a shot glass or a regular glass)
  • a pot of boiled water
  • a pot of ice cold water
  • sand paper
  • buffer paper
  • glass cutter

This project is great if you have old alcohol bottles or if you want cute and unique glasses or shot glasses.

Step 2: Measuring

Take your ruler and measure from the bottom up to mark where you want to make the cut! This is all up to your preference and how big or small you want your glass.

Once you chose your height of the cut line, make that mark with a dot on the bottle. Than take tape and put it around the bottle to the height of which you marked with the dot. To get a more precise circle, its best to put dots at the height around the bottle so the tape has more then one place to line up with.

Once you tape the bottle make a circle around the tape line so you can see where to follow when you cut the bottle.

After this put a pot of boiling water on, so during the next step the water can boil.

Step 3: Time to Cut and Get Ready

Keep the water boiling on the stove and cover it as you do this step.

Now with your measured line, cut around the bottle along your marked tape line with the glass cutter. Go around the bottle along the tape line a few times so there is a more pronounced cut in the class.

Once you have a good cut around the whole bottle, make sure to take the tape off.

Now since your bottle is ready, make a pot of ice cold water and put it on the stove next to the boiling hot water.

Step 4: Time to Make Your Glass

Down to the final steps!

Be sure to wear a kitchen mitten and take the cap off all of the bottles.

Now that your bottle is ready, make sure the part of the bottle you are not keeping or utilizing is the one that is going into the water.

Dunk the bottle for 5 seconds in the boiling water and then go to the cold water.

Keep going back and forth between the waters. There isn't an exact number of times that you should do this, just until the bottles crack at the line. As you are doing this you should start to hear the bottle crack which means the bottle is getting ready to break.

Keep in mind it might not be as quick as you hope but with time and patience it will happen.

Step 5: Finally!

After the glass finally separated and you have your glass you want, make sure you have your sand paper ready.

Start to sand down the top of the glass by putting the rough edge of the glass down on the sand paper.

Just a tip: I did it on top of a garbage bag on top of my kitchen table so the glass scrapings didn't get anywhere.

After you feel that you have sanded the glass enough, start to buffer it.

Make sure you also get in the inside edge of the glass. In between the sanding and buffing touch it with your finger to make sure it is smooth. Remember you are using these to drink, so you don't want to cut your mouth by accident!

Once it is all sanded down and buffered, YOU FINALLY HAVE YOUR GLASS AND/OR SHOT GLASS!

Step 6: Admire You Work!

Its finally done!

Take a step back and admire you new glasses!

Or you can just pour yourself a drink and utilize them!


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