From DIY home decor to handmade gifts, here are the best arts and crafts to spark your creativity

Mini- Gun Prop

I made this mini-gun prop for halloween. I have yet to figure out what to do with it. Maybe I'll be the terminator for halloween.


What you need:
self tapping screws
screw driver

Dissassemble the Telescope

Start by taking the legs off then separate the inside part from the outside part.

The Cutting

Cut the telescope body about 3" from where it mounted to the legs and cut ti again about 4" From where the end screws on.

The Barrels

Next take the inside legs and screw them to the body.

Attach the Handle

Take the mount thing and put it back where it came from and put a handle on the end.

Attach the Fuel Hose

Next we attach a hose to the back for "fuel". I used an air hose. I put the hose in a backpack to conseal the end.


Now we just need to paint it.


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