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Underwater Shooting

This time we using Olympus camera lens A01 to making this project, and the advancement with Olympus A01 is you could taking photo within far away distance and change the filter by iPhone, and this time that we wanna using cameraA01 to do UNDERWATER SHOOTING.

# But the camera lens A01 cannot receive the wifi signal when its underwater (the connection with iPhone and camera is Wifi signal), so we like to using Wifi cable line to sticked between camera and iPhone, and after testing which is be prove that wife cable line is worked!

Therefore, the final plan is throw to sea or swimming pool, through the power of wave to make it move forward and back with very natural way.

Or can use it at aquarium freely photo-shooting by visitor and tourist.

Modeling and Printing

I trying to print with infill 100%, shell 2 setting, but the file will became too big so I trying printing with infill 95%, printing time 17hours, although the printing is unexpected broke, but its really can waterproof, infill too high to wasting material, therefore I trying another plan.


To putting camera into model, the connect area where we using laser cutting to cut rubber and acrylic to avoid water soak in.

Improve Material-wasting Problem: Plan 2

This time printing with infill 10%, shell 2, if the shell very beautiful and smooth, and that will waterproof.

The orange color one have some small hole on it, so I printing another blue color one with same setting.

Just in case, using plastic bag cover whole camera lens, thanks for wifi cable line, we can shooting underwater photo!


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