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Time Lapse Build — Long Term

UPDATE 2 (23/9/16)
After installing the camera we decided to check on it a few days later just to make sure everything was working correctly. This is where we encountered another problem, the second image the intervalometer took was out of focus resulting in the rest of the images being out of focus. We took down the whole set up and re built it (taping the focus ring so it couldn't move!). This should hopefully be it good now for 12 months! (With monthly checks).

UPDATE (16/9/16)
After some testing we came across a couple of issues, we needed to be able to swap out memory cards without disturbing the camera and also we need to figure out how to power it for a long period of time. We decided to run 3 cables from the case and down the 20ft pole into a case at the bottom.
- A USB cable to download the images from the camera
- A 2.5mm ster

A client asked for a long term time lapse of a construction site, so I created a custom time lapse rig.

The time lapse will be around 12 months. Shooting a photograph every 30 minutes. The battery and card will be replaced every 4 weeks.



Canon 50D
Canon 18–55mm
Peli 1200 Case
Quick Release Plate
Tank Connector
TV Mount
UV Filter
Corner Bracket
Some screws/bolts
Silicone Sealant

Tools Needed
(This is where it got interesting as I didn't have access to many tools)

Cheap B&Q Drill
4mm Drill Bit
Letherman Multitool

The Build

1. Mark out your case, make sure everything fits! (I had to change the quick release plate as it was too long and the Peli case wouldn't shut)

2. Mount your quick release plate to the corner bracket and mount inside the Peli case

3. Mount the TV bracket to the back of the case (we were using this as the case is going to be attached to a pole)

3. Drill a small hole to mark where the centre of your lens will be on the front of the case, now cut a hole big enough for the lens to fit through

4. You will need to file/cut down the ridges in the Peli case to allow the tank connector to sit flush

5. Attach the tank connector to the front of the case using silicone sealant to seal the inside and outside joins

6. Silicone the UV filter in place.

7. Mount the camera inside

8. Attach your battery & intervalometer

9. Start shooting


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