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Photography Tips for Blogging

In this instructable, I'm just going to share with you guys the tips and tricks I use to make my picture taking a little more creative and interesting!

Let's Start With Blogging

Okay, if you're anything like me, you use a blog to keep up with your crafts and recipes, you also use it to share your projects with the world! The only problem is, no one wants to read a boring blog. Not only does your writing need to be creative, your pictures should be interesting too! No, I'm no expert, but, I do have a few tips for making your pictures pop that I would like to share!

First of all:
Give your picture a nice background. Nothing takes away from a great shot than a horrible background! The cool thing? You can use ANYTHING for a background! A blanket, a rug, a curtain, wall paper, fabric, ANYTHING!

Find somewhere with good lighting. The one pet peeve I have is looking at those horrible "yellow" tinted pictures! Especially If you're trying to sell your product on a site like Etsy or Ebay, you should try your best to make the lighting work for you!

Find a cool angle in which to take the picture! move around what you're photgraphing, finding that unique shot that is guaranteed to get some "oooh's and aahhh's" in the comment section! people like the unexpected, so, do whatever you can to make that happen! get in front of it, behind it, on top of it, under it, whatever works!

Last: DON'T BE AFRAID TO GET UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL WITH YOUR PICTURES! Whether you're photographing that new chicken recipe, your new scarf you made, or a new stitch you've learned, getting a close up of it will allow your viewiers to see the textures and those subtle colors they would not normally see from a distance!

Like I said, I'm no professional, but, I've learned some tips from blogging and sharing my projects! I hope you keep reading to see my tricks I've learned during my travels!

Now, Traveling!

I LOVE TO TRAVEL! I do not get to do it very much, but when I do, I TAKE TONS OF PICTURES! So, of course, I have experimented with what looks good and what looks tacky! Everyone always wants to see great vacation pictures, so, here's my tips on how to deliver!

Like I said in the blogging section, USE YOUR ANGLES! If you have something really big to take a picture of, get down on the ground and take the shot, it provides an awesome angle, and it gets all of it in the picture (most of the time.) Take pictures from a 45 degree angle in a basic shot just to give it a little pop. If you just can't figure out how to make a bland picture interesting, just move to the side of it, or behind it, or on top of it, or below it.

Travel pictues are the best pictures to experiment with black and white photography. Not all scenes work with this method, but, I always try one in regular colors and one in black and white. Using your angle method alond with the black and white method sometimes create EXPLOSIVE pictures!

Experiment with your camera's features. Especially if you have the "Panorama" feature on your camera. Panorama shots make amazing wall pictures and can capture a scene better than anything else! Even if you have a simple camera, experiment with flash types, sepia tones, delayed shots.. anything to get creative shots!

Most people on vacation (especially couples) like taking pictures of themselves together while on vacation. my trick? give yourself an awesome background! It's especially cool if you use a background of something you're doing or participating in. Not only will you have that perfect facebook photo, but, everytime you see the two of you together, you will remember what an awesome time you had doing whatever is in the background!

Please enjoy my most recent vacation photos from Myrtle Beach!


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