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Habitat "Fred" Beauty Dish

Beauty Dishes turn your 6cm flash head in to a large enveloping creamy disks of light. This instructable uses a 40cm diameter "Fred" light shade from Habitat (Model \ SKU 080446) that I found in a charity shop.

Attach Flash Stand

The flash stand that came with my Cactus II radio flash trigger is perfect for attaching the beauty dish to a tripod or light stand.

Drill a hole through the stand and bolt in to place through one of the holes in the base of the lightshade.

I happened to find a hollow black plastic tube that acts as a spacer, but it's not totally necessary.

Prepare Diffuser

For the diffuser I found a white opaque "tupperware" tub with a lid.

Measure your flash head and cut an "H" shape in the lid to allow the flash head to push through.

Cut Hole in Lightshade

Use a jigsaw to cut a slot roughly the width of your flash head.

Drill 10mm holes at each end.

Cut two more slots to make an "H" shape that's about the same size as the one you cut in to the diffuser.

Once cut, place the diffuser lid inside the light shade and bend the metal "flaps" through the diffuser lid's flaps to secure it in place.

Reattach the tupperware diffuser to the lid.

Insert Flash and Mount on to Tripod

Finally, all you need to do is insert your flash in to the hole and secure with rubber bands.

I inserted my flash upside down to keep it out of the way and help with balance.


As you can see, the huge flash area now gives creamy wraparound light eliminating hard shadows.

I might put a black card disk in the bottom of the diffuser to reduce direct forward light, relying more on the bounced flash — not really used this rig in anger yet, so I'll post comments if I find any significant improvements through use.



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