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Storytelling Lesson 2

If you've read any of my other "Print-and-mail" Instructables, you know that I write my little storybooks so that I can mail them to my grandchildren.

I don't claim that they are great literature. But they are GOOD... for my grandchildren and for me!

Writing stories for your children, grandchildren, or students does not need to be difficult.

One good way to start is to take a traditional story or song and personalize it.

Today's example: the song Old MacDonald.


Download the attached PDF.

Print pages 1–4 on double-sided paper, landscape, flip on short edge.

Print pages 5–8 on one side only.

Personalize Pages 16, 12 and 5

The illustration above shows where to write in the name of a child and the name of the adult who is making the book.

Personalize Pages 15, 6, and 11

Personalize Pages 14, 3, 10 and 7

Personalize Pages 4, 13, 8 and 9





Cut Out the Finger Puppets

Tape the Finger Puppets

Fold each finger puppet and tape two edges. (Sometimes you will be taping the sides. Sometimes you will be taping the top and one side. I did whatever I needed to do to get them all to fit on the page.)

Present Them to the Child

In my case, that means MAILING the book and finger puppets to my grandchildren.

All of Grandma Van's print-and-mail storybooks are designed to fit in an envelope.

If you have suggestions, please feel free to comment. Last week, I started writing an Instructable entitled "Writing Your LAST Instructable." I was feeling sad, once again, because my projects are seldom featured.

Then I looked at the number of views that my projects have had in fifteen months and decided that someone may actually be using them. And I decided not to quit.

But it would be nice to get a comment now and then....


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