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Origami Cube Rose

well this is one of my favorites origamis, because its a "2 in 1 origami" it can be a cube or a rose, and is a very simple origami ( if you want a more realistc rose try


Paper: this origami don't need any special paper, any kind of paper can be used ( I THINK), even computer paper will have a good result, but prefer to use colored paper, you need 6 papers of the same size, 3 for the leaves, 3 for the rose
For this origami I'm using 3 red papers and 3 green papers

Lets Do the Basic Shape

Pictures Worth More Than 1000 Words

Lets Do the Rose

Do It with only 3 papers
Pictures Worth More Than 1000 Words


Do it with the other 3 papers

Let's Put It All Together

Follow the pics

Let's Put It All Together 2

Congrats Now You Have a Cube

an incredible feature of the CUBE-ROSE origami is that it turns into a cube, becoming much easier to keep
ok, a cube is cool but lets open the rose

Congratulations Now You Have a Cube-rose

Well congratulations, bye, please rate
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