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Origami Claw

You will learn to make an origami claw!

Step 1

You need a piece a paper

Step 2

Fold the upper left corner down to the left side

Step 3

Fold the point in the upper left corner and fold it down to the down left corner

Step 4

Fold the right side of the paper over to the left side. Make it to where the lines, where my two fingers are pointing, are side by side

Step 5

Fold the square in half to where it makes a triangle

Step 6

Fold the triangle in half. Ignore my finger because I am trying to hold it down

Step 7

Open back up the triangle. Then fold the left side of the triangle towards the middle of the triangle. I am using the pencil to hold the paper down

Step 8

Turn over the folded piece 2 more times until it looks like the claw.

Step 9

Open up the little pocket where the pencil is pointing at

Step 10

Fold the left point, where the pencil is pointing at, into the pocket

Step 11

Open the point. Make it to where your finger can fit inside. After that, enjoy your claw


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