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Origami Cup

So I was shown how to make this cool origami cup and I wanted to make show everyone, so I hope you like it!

Gather Your Materials

You will need...
•1 piece of paper

Making a Square

If you have origami paper, you can use that. But if you only have computer paper, then follow this step to make your paper into a square. Fold a corner down until it lines up with the side of your paper as shown. Then cut the rectangle off.

Turn As Shown

Let's Begin!

Now take the bottom right corner of your paper and fold it up until the tip touches the edge as shown.


Now take the top left corner and fold it down until its tip touches the opposing edge as shown.

Fold As Shown

More Folding

Now there will be two layers of paper shown. Take the top layer and fold over as shown.


Now take the other layer and fold it over on the other side as shown and, voila, you have an origami cup!

Many Uses!

Now (hopefully) you have a multi-useful origami cup that can hold stuff! Thanks for viewing and leave any suggestions or requests for any tutorials! =)


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