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Tobacco Pouch

Make this SWEET tobacco pouch for your smoker friend or relative. Step up your game! When everybody is giving them lighters and ashtrays for their b-days, you will show you really care with this SUPER AWESOME handmade gift.

Or you can make it for yourself. Because you hate loosing your tobacco/filters/rolling paper in your pants/backpack/purse.

Just follow these easy steps.

Materials & Tools

Sorry for the bad picture quality. Everything was taken with a phone and the camera is crap!

You will need:

- fabric (go with the colors you like, i went with green, purple and black but you can play with textures or even do some patch-work)

- a bigger button

- a peace of elastic rope

- needle and thread (if you have a sewing machine that will also do. i don't have one)

- a thicker thread for decoration (i went with purple)

- some glue for fabric (i used Bison Kit Transparent spray and liquid)

- a ruler (wooden one works best)

I used a more rough fabric for the outside and a smoother one for the inside of the pouch. It makes it esier to clean up any tobacco that might have fallen out.

Fabric and Measuring

I'm sure fabric such as jeans would work better. However i wanted something darker and i got my hands on some black cotton. The pure is made out of two layers of black and one layer of green fabric.

Since i do not have a sewing machine yet, I used glue to help me keep the fabric in place for the measuring and cutting. An ironing board helps. I've flattened out the fabric and measured the width i need (this varies from the tobacco you smoke). The pouch will be folded twice so remember to make it at least 3 times the length of the tobacco. Also, adding a little extra width will give you extra room to store a lighter or some rolled cigarettes.

The Body

You should end up with something like this.

As you can see, it is far from perfect. The lines are not straight. I'm sure it goes better with a machine, but hand sewing works well too.


Fold your purse and figure out a nice place for a big, juicy button. I went with black because i had it at hand. This will help keep the pouch closed.

At this stage you can also sew the elastic rope on the other side and see how it looks closed. I also used glue for the elastic and an extra piece of fabric.

Extra Pockets

Can't have a tobacco pouch for just your tobacco, right?

We are going to make two extra pockets for the filters and rolling paper.

I've measured the width and length i needed for both. If you want, you can make a bigger pocket to fit the entire box of filters inside. I thought that would be too big, so i just made a smaller one.

I used one layer of black and some purple fabric for decoration. I had some problems with the glue, but it really helped keeping the peaces together till i sewed them on the inside of the pouch.

Keep in mind the size of rolling paper that will be used. You know, there's tobacco and "tobacco".:D

Some Decoration

Almost done!

Decorate the edges of the pouch with some thicker thread. I used purple. Don't forget to buy a bigger needle.

Here you can also see the back where the elastic rope is attached. If you made any mistakes or your sewing wasn't as good, the thicker thread will hide some of the mistakes. Believe me.

Fill It Up

ALRIGHT! The tobacco pouch is done!

Go smoke away, my friends!!

None of the FonSter people smoke or promote smoking. We just make things, DAMMIT!



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