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Thrift Store No-Sew Blazer Makeover

Take a basic blazer and give it an 80s Christian Lacroix makeover with lace and gems and not one single stitch. I used E-6000 Fabri-Fuse which is washable and dry cleanable.

See the Video Tutorial!

You'll Need

Gold lace and trims


*If you don't have gold lace, paint white lace with DecoArt Dazzling Metallics

Figure out your lace and gem placement

Pin it in place if you have to so that it doesn't move around

*I like to photograph it with my phone while I experiment

Glue it in place with E-6000 Fabri-Fuse

Glue trim around the edges and make sure to add some to the shoulder area

If you don't have gold lace or have a hard time finding it, paint regular white lace with DecoArt Dazzling Metallics in a gold tone that you like


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