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No Sew Tutu

This is a guide how to make a fabulous no see tutu for any age.

I have created this for my Halloween costume as Cheshire Cat (that's why it's pink and purple)



• 5 meters of tulle (in whatever colour appeals to you, I chose two colours but that was a personal opinion).
• 1 inch thick elastic to fit around the waist of the person it will be fit for.
• 30cm black thread (this is optional because if you need to see up your elastic)


• Fabric scissors.
• 30cm ruler.
• Needle (optional, once again, if you need to see your elastic)

Measuring the Elastic

You can buy already sewn elastic in a circle, however if you cannot find any here's how to sew your elastic to the right length.

• First measure the elastic around your waist and pin the two ends meet.
• Next add on another inch of elastic and pin it (for sewing later).
• Now you can sew where you have placed the pins.

Adding the Tulle

• First cut your tulle into 3 1/2 inches X 1 meter.
• After your have cut your tulle, you can knot on your first bit shown like the pictures above.
• Repeat this step above until you have filled and completed the whole circle.


Now you can wear your brilliant new handmade tutu for fancy dress or Halloween!

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