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No Sew Fabric Christmas Tree Ornament

Safety Precaution: This project requires use of a pruning tool
to cut sticks, and a hot glue gun. These items should be used with caution by adults only.

Another mom and I needed to find an easy to make Christmas decoration for the Awana ( what is Awana) Sparks, children in grades K – 2. We wanted to find something different than crafts made in years past, and keep the supply cost low. An easy to make ribbon ornament was found, but the cost of ribbon for around 50 children was too expensive. The other mom is a quilter and had lots of fabric scraps, so we tried making the ornament with strips of fabric instead of ribbon. It was a successful substitution and we liked the result.

Ta-dah … a no sew fabric Christmas tree ornament!

Get Supplies

  • Pruning shears to cut and trim sticks
  • Small tree sticks from the yard, or cinnamon sticks from a craft store – at least 6 inches long and slightly larger around than a pencil
  • Fabric scissors
  • Fabric or ribbon strips, ½ — 1 inch wide and over 8 inches long
  • Twine
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Buttons
  • Optional — one letter size piece of card stock or lightweight cardboard

Each item will be covered as we go through the steps. Here we go!

Cut Sticks

Gather sticks from your yard or a public wooded area. This option is free and children can help find the sticks. Another option is to use cinnamon sticks purchased at a craft store. This option adds cost, but the ornament will be fragrant! Cut either type of stick to a length of around 6 inches using pruning shears. Trim any smaller branches/stubs off the sticks.

* Remember to be careful with the pruners. Young children should have an adult do all the cutting.

Cut Fabric

Cut fabric into ½ to 1 inch wide strips. Trim fabric strips to lengths of 8 to 10 inches. If using ribbon, purchase the desired width and cut strips of 8 to 10 inches. Be creative with colors and combinations.

Tie Fabric

Use one of the longer strips and half tie it around the stick about 1 inch from the bottom, the stump end. Continue tying strips around the stick working away from the stump end of the stick. Use shorter strips near the top end of the stick. The strips can be tightly or loosely bunched together on the stick. Leave about ½ inch at the top end of the stick uncovered.

Trim Fabric

Trim the ends of the strips into the shape of a Christmas tree, a tall triangle shape. This can be done free form by holding the stump end of the stick, and cutting off the ends while getting more narrow towards the top. Or, make a cardboard template cut to resemble the shape of a Christmas tree, and use it as a cutting guide.

Make a Hanger

Cut a piece of twine about 12 inches long. Tie the twine around the top end of the stick. Then tie the ends of the twine so a loop is created for hanging the ornament.

Glue on the Button

Use the hot glue gun to place a small dab of glue near the top of the stick. Put some of the glue over the twine to keep it in place. Carefully push a button onto the glue.

* Remember, the hot glue will cause a burn, so young children should not use the glue gun. Also, remind children to be careful placing the button. Set the ornament aside to let the glue cool so the button stays in place.

So Many Options!

Watch the video above to see a few options.

Have fun creating ornaments with your own personal style!


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