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Ooze Jar

This Instructable will teach you how to make a simple but fun homemade Halloween decoration that you or your children will love to create! WARNING: Potentially messy!

Gather Your Materials

You're going to need a jar, shaving cream such as Barbasol, food coloring (I prefer green for the ooze), and something to stir with.

Fill Up Your Jar!

Open the lid of your jar and check it for any dirt or debris. Once you have ensured the jar is clean, spray enough shaving cream to fill about half the jar, leaving enough room to add your food coloring. You will have to occasionally push the cream down to the bottom of the jar till you have filled it.

Add Color!

Now open your food coloring and select your color. I'll be using green! Add a generous amount of food coloring to the shaving cream, at least 10–15 drops, and grab your stirring utensil. Slowly stir the coloring into the shaving cream, ensuring that all the white has turned green. It helps to push the foam that is colored immediately against the walls of the jar in order to mix the color into the rest of it until wall white is gone. Mix and then fill the rest of the jar with cream and repeat this process until all the cream is colored

Seal the Deal! (Optional)

Once you're finished with your jar, you have the option to seal it with the lid. Make sure to have some paper towels nearby to clean off any mess that was made on the jar or yourself. Now you can use it as a spooky homemade Halloween decoration!


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