From DIY home decor to handmade gifts, here are the best arts and crafts to spark your creativity

Genie in a Bottle

This Genie in a jar is just waiting for you to make a wish. He behaves much like a tornado in a bottle/ jar. He comes to live after you shake the jar!

Fill Jar With Water

Fill jar about 2/3 full of tap water.

Add Dish Soap

Add 1–3 drops of dish soap to the water

Add Color, Glitter and Sequins to the Water

Add desired amount of food coloring, glitter and sequins of the color/s of your choice to the water. Then secure the lid.

Shake Him Up!

With lid secured; shake your genie and watch him twirl.

Design Your Genie Jar

With glue, glitter, ribbon and fabric paint make a design on your jar as you desire.

Personalize the Lid

Either by hand-writing or computer, personalize a message on the lid.

Let Dry and Give It a Whirl!

Let the paints and glue dry. Then give your genie a whirl! Hope your wish comes true.


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