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DIY Crochet Phone Case

Hi friends!

This project is a Crochet phone case I made recently for my phone. I love crochet and and making anything and everything with crochet.

Have some free time?? This is a simple crochet case to try out. I have kept the design simple and elegant. I needed to make a case for daily my daily and office use. It gives good protection to the phone. It keeps the dust and scratches away. The best thing is that you feel good after making your own phone case.

Hope you like it!

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black wool thread

Maroon wool thread


crochet hook — 5.5 mm



First start with the slip stitch.

Do 18 Chain stitch. This was my measurement of the length of my phone. You can vary the length as you require.

Go in rounds.

Round 1:

Do single crochet from the end to the starting point where the slip stitch lies.

Continue the single crochet to the end where you started the single crochet.

When you have completed one round of single crochet slip stitch at the starting stitch to secure the end.

Round 2,3 — I have done the rounds of single crochet 3 times.

Chain stitch 1. Again go in rounds with single crochet stitch.

Designing is completely in your hands. I wanted the phone case to look simple.

Change Color

Round 4:

I just wanted to add two line of black color.

Hence I changed the color of my yarn at the slip stitch of my 3rd round of maroon yarn.

I went with single crochet for 1 round with my black yarn.

Round 5 — I changed back again to maroon yarn for the next round.

Round 6 — I went back to black yarn again.


You can really creative here with the color of the yarns and number of stripes.

Complete the Body

After both the black stripes, I did two chain stitch.

Round 7 — I completed my round with half double crochet. When I reached the end of the round I slip stitched to the first stitch and made it secure.

I did about 7 rounds like this to finish the body of my phone case.


Now we come to the end of going in rounds.

We are going to crochet in rows.

Row 15 — Slip stitch at one corner. Do 1 Chain stitch. Continue single crochet stitch till the other corner.

Row 16 — Turn over. 1 Chain stitch and single crochet till the end.

Row 17–21 — Same as row 16

Scalloped Edge

Row 22 — Turn over, Chain stitch 2. Miss one stitch.

Do 3 double crochet stitch in the same next stitch. Miss one stitch. Slip stitch into next stitch.

This will secure the scalloped edge.

Do this till the end of the row.

I got about 4 scalloped edges.


You can leave it like that or attach a button.

I felt the button may break my glass.

Hence I went for a velcro. I attached one piece of the velcro on the inside of the cover.

I attached the other end on the body perfectly fitting with the flap velcro.


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