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Knitting & Crochet

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Knitted Moustache CO 1.K1F&B.P2.K1, K1F&B.P3.K1, K2F&B.P5.BO1, K to last 1, K1F&B.P5.BO1, K to last 1, K2F&B.P6.K to last 1, K1F&B.P7.K1F&B, K to last 1, K1F&B.P9.K2F&B, K to end.P11.K2F&B, K to end.P13.BO1, K to last 4, K2tog(x2).P10.BO1, K to last 4, K2tog(x2).P7.BO1, K1, K2tog(x2).P4.K1, K3F&B.P7.K1F&B, K to last 2, K2F&B.P10.K1F&B, K to last 2, K2F&B.P13.K2tog(x2), K to end.P11.K2tog(x2), K to end.P9.K2tog(x2), K to last 2, K2tog.P7.K to last 2, K2tog.P6.K1F&B, K to last 4, K2tog(x2).P5.K1F&B, K to last 2, K2tog.P5.K1, K2tog(x2).P3.K1, K2tog.P2.K2tog.BO1. Read More
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