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Wire Christmas Tree Earrings

wire wrapped fun festive colorful earrings


gather different colors of thin wire, I used the Christmas wire from michaels.
jewelry round plyers
hot glue gun just for tip or any glue bottle tip works
earring backs
any small star type bead or charm (optional)
jewelry jump rings

Step One Cut and Twist Wire

Cut a few inches of length of all the wires you are using I suggest 3–5 different colors. then lightly twist them together, just enough that they don't come apart.

Make Top Loop

use the round nose pliers and twist until you have a loop that will be used to attach it will later

Wrap Wire to Form Tree

Hold the loop on the top of the bottle, it is ok if it bends, then begin to wrap the wire around the top of the glue bottle or glue gun tip (make sure it is cool)

Cut Wire and Reform If Needed

When it is the length you want it, cut the wires and tuck then up to the last circle and if the first loop bent down use the pliers to bend it back up

Attach Jump Ring and Charm (optional)

open jump ring enough to put it through the original loop them put the charm on the ring as well, make sure it's on the side you want it on.

Attach to Earring

then put the jump ring through the earring and close it up with pliers (again before closing the jump ring make sure our will hang the way you want it to).


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