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Simple Loom Bracelets

hello! instructables! I'm back from Florida and have been inspired to make some new things (instructables on them to come), but right now I'm gonna show you how to make the two simplest loom bracelets, which are some of my favourites!

You Will Need

• a loom
• a hook
• some bands (one or more colours)
• a S or C clip
• a small amount of time

The Simple Chain

take you loom and place it in front of you so that the curved side of the pins is closest to you. place one band diagonally across two pubs, then do the same in the opposite direction from the pin that the last band is stretched onto (see pictures) continue doing this 'til the end of your loom. turn your loom around, and start hooking. take the second band pull it through the first and hook it around the pin of origin, do the same for the rest (2nd through 3rd etc). when you reach the end pull the bracket off the loom except for the last band you hooked. place the first ("cap") band into one side of the S clip and pull the last band off the loom and carefully pull the clip and 1st bad through the two loops, pull the S clip back to the second band in the chain and clip it through the two loops on one side of band two! voila!

The Fishtail

this is one of my favourites!!
first put one band on two pins in a figure of eight (8) shape, then put another two bands on top (not twisted), pull the bottom band over the two top bands (one side at a time), then put another NON twisted band on top and pull the bottom band over. repeat until bracket fits your wrist! then take the hook and hook the bands that are still on your loom onto your hook, put the four ends of band through the S clip and attach to the other end! voila! enjoy your two new bracelets! more loom tutorials to come!!


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