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Polymer Applique Earrings

Things I used:

polymer clay in various colours even left over bits.

either old ear studs or wire pieces.

any extra decorations like diamonds,beads, glitter etc.


handgloves( polymer clay could be toxic)


Preparing the Base

roll out 2 marble sized balls of clay in the color you wish to make your base.

Using your index finger flatten out the balls. Smoothen out the convex surface so as no finger prints are seen.

Tun them around.

On the flat surface- if using old studs(like I did), push them gently onto the surface so as to make an impression in the clay.

If using only wire pieces push them a little harder so that it would hold at a right angle.

Getting Color!!

Take small pinches of different color according to the pattern you wish to make and roll them out into tin tubes.

Cut the tubes into equal pieces-really tiny, yes i mean minuscule!!!!. Now with your finger tip....hmm the index is the best turn them into tiny balls.

Keep them all ready..............

The Fun Part!!!!! Appliqué

With the help of a toothpick gently press each colored ball longitudinally into its place( according to your design).

Repeat till the design is complete.

In case of flower you could use a diamond as the center and the clay balls for petals. green tubes for stalks and green balls for leaves.

Etc etc

Almost There

Bake the designer earring clay at 110C for 20 min or as per the manufacturers instructions.

Allow to cool.

Turn them downside up and fix in the studs into the impressions with a hot glue gun.

Varnish them if you like glossy... I personally prefer matt since it gives a real pretty 3D effect with the appliqué standing out.


IN 30 Minutes I had a pair of pretty new ear studs, to match with my new outfit.( out of old chipped studs...)


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