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Pac-Man Earrings

Do you love Pac-Man? Ever wish you could control him 24/7? Well now you can! These hip Pac-Man earring allow you to live the arcade game, but watch out you may find yourself being chased by enemies!!

Collect Supplies

1- 5/8 fabric button kit
2- ear ring studs
4x4 inch piece yellow scrap fabric
Black sharpie
Hot Glue or Super Glue

Cut Fabric

Open button kit and use the included pattern to cute two yellow circles out of your fabric.

Remove Hooks

Remove button hooks with pliers.

Cover Buttons With Fabric

Follow instructions on fabric button kit and these pictures to cover buttons with yellow fabric.

Make Face

Draw Pac-Man mouth and eye with sharpie.

Glue Earring Studs

Glue Pac-Man face to earring studs.

All Done!

Sport your new earrings, who wouldn't be jealous of these bad boys!


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