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Beaded Anklets

Summer fashion — It's time to accessorize!

DIY beaded anklets — cute, fun and super easy to make.

Gather Your Supplies!

  • Beading wire — the one I use is 7 strands
  • Crimp tubes — I use 1.3 mm #2
  • toggles
  • Assorted beads — I used a variety of seed beads and glass beads
  • Crimper

Let's Get Started!

1. Measure your ankle. Cut your wire a few inches longer.

2. Then you will string your crimp tube and a toggle. Pass the wire back through the crimp. You now have a loop.

Crimp the tube with your tool.

3. Now, you are ready to add the beads to the wire!

Have fun and be creative:)

4. When you are happy with your design and have the right measurements, repeat step two.

5. Done! Go out and rock your new accessory


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