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The Little Kitchen

I'm always interested in making useful crafts out of recycled items. Especially I love upcycling cardboards, I have made pencil boxes, sewing organisers, drawer organisers. This time I wanted to surprise my little angel with the toy kitchen. Compact and easy to store kitchen.

I'm sharing how I made this kitchen, I hope it is useful to you.


Cardboard box ( I used 20” x 14.5”)

Cardboards / Small cardboard boxes

Wood glue / Glue gun

Craft sticks


Small Plastic Bowl (Sink)

Acrylic Primer (White)

Paints & brushes

Clear gloss spray paint





Masking Tape

Velcro tape


Kitchen Layout

I have taken the box which of 20 x 7 x 14.5 (W x H x D), which is my kitchen, inside this box I'm going to attach all cabinet units. I took the inner dimensions of the base box and divided it into 6 cabinet units.

You can make cabinets according to your box size.

Counter Top

To make the kitchen counter, I have cut 2 pieces of my top layout to make it thick and strong. I wanted to place sink on the left end of the kitchen so, I cut out the hole for the sink.

Covered the top and edges with a glossy paper. Painted the countertop with Metallic grey and used some copper and white colour paints to create a marble effect. After a few hours, I have coated the countertop with clear gloss spray.

Sections & Doors

I have made the doors and sections with the cardboard, but if you have equal dimension boxes that match for your base outer box dimension just cascade the boxes and make different sections

I have traced the door measurements and section measurements in the cardboard. Created folds to simulate door hinges.

I have made 2" flaps out of think cardboard sheets to attach these sections to the base. For the middle unit I have used 2 matchboxes and 2 boxes this fits for the height, depth I had cut and adjust

Attaching Cabinets

Before attaching cabinets, I have cut the front side the base cardboard and opened it to the floor. Marked the cabinet sizes in the base box and with the help of wood glue I have attached all the sections using flaps.


Once cabinets are attached I have taken the inner measurements and added a shelf in each cabinet and glued it on the wall by folding the edges of the shelf.


I have coated the walls and units with white primer. I have masked the walls and painted the kitchen units with Red coloured spray paint. Once that dried, covered the units and sprayed yellow colour over walls.

Coated the floor with Primer then wooden yellow colour (White + Lemon yellow + Burnt Amber). When it is semi-dried add stripes with black and wooden amber and blended to create the wood effect.

Faucet, Door Handles and Accessories

Counter Top: Applied glue on top of all cabinet sections and fixed the kitchen countertop. And I have put some weight on top of it to making stick even

Water Tap: I used straw for water tap and painted it with silver colour. To fix I drilled a hole and glued the water tap on it

Hob burner: I have used an old metal washer as burner here. But you can cut it from foam sheet / you can a paint big button and glue this on the kitchen countertop

Knobs: I have got the knobs from old toys, drilled hole and attached the knob so that you can turn it

Dustbin: I took a small box and wrapped it with a fabric

Door Handles: Glued 4 craft sticks / Matchsticks to make handles. Painted that with silver colour and attached it with all units.


Wrapper: To cover the outer side I fixed the fabric. Fixed a ribbon with velcro attached at both the ends so that we can close the box.

Window: Fixed a sticker and attached a frame to it for windows. I have used a parrot sticker so it looks like birds sitting on the tree when you look through the windows. I have made curtain too:)

Crockery Unit: I used a cardboard box with a window like glass. Masked the glass with masking tape part of it and painted the other parts and glued it on the wall.

Crockery Wall: To make the folding end stand I have made a pocket to keep cardboard.

Refrigerator: Took a small box and wrapped it with decorative paper and fixed a handle to it

Kitchen Towel: I drilled 2 holes and attached a ribbon for the kitchen towel. Made a mini towel and hanged on it.

With this my little angel's kitchen is ready, it is gonna be a surprise gift for her birthday. More appliances will be added by my angel:)

Thanks for reading.


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