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DIY Bow Topper

Christmas is a wonderful time of giving. However, the costs can get rather profound.

As a way to ease up on these costs, I came up with the ingenious and easy way of making a fashionably cute and cost effective solution for the Holidays; The DIY Bow topper.


These are the supplies I used available to me. The Ribbon itself was $3
  1. Ribbon
  2. Stapler
  3. Scissors

Make a Single Center Roll

Begin by creating your center roll. This will hide the staple you will be putting in here.

Measure to Make Sure Your Stapler Fits

After creating your center roll, measure to make sure that your stapler fits by placing it into the hole.

You will be stapling this later on.

How to Create Your Frills

This is a sub-step explaining how to create the multiple frills that come out from the center.

Take your ribbon and make a bend, then place the longest piece under.

Continue this pattern extending from the center.

If you want to make a bigger bow, extend out farther and farther along the center.
A video will be provided at the end if you're still confused.

Adding the Frills to the Center

Begin creating your frills from the center curl.

Using the previous step as a guide begin by folding the bow in and creating your frills.

Hold the center the entire time as you fold your frills.

Staple the Center

Once you've created all you frills, staple the center

Add It to Your Present

Snip the remaining ribbon that hangs off and it is done and ready to be put onto your presents.

If you're still confused about what is going on, please refer to the video provided in the next step.

A Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!

Video for Reference


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