From DIY home decor to handmade gifts, here are the best arts and crafts to spark your creativity

A Gift With a Wrapping Gift!

Here is a gift wrap decor that you can use to frame your art or something special can remove the frame and stick it to anything or your bulletin board!

Get Your Materials!

wrapping paper
contrasting color construction paper
green construction paper
barbeque sticks
and of course the gift!

The Trellis Frame

Wrap you gift and then make the trellis!
Well it's not exactly a trellis frame...
cut the barbecue sticks according to the size you want
cut 2mm strips from the green paper
wrap it around the sticks and glue.
make spirals with pointed ends using the sticks ...cut to various lengths
glue the trellis frame.... but not on to the gift!

Spiral Roses

keep the wrapping paper and a contrasting color on top of each other and cut squares
then cut the make doesn't have to be perfect...that gives character!
draw a spiral (if you can cut a spiral without drawing then skip this step) and cut
now using needle or barbecue stick roll both the thin ends ...then let loose and glue at the bottom...remember to glue both bottoms first.
Now you have your rose!


Now all you have to do is assemble the way you like it!
Glue the roses and the spiral leaves....let it dry

Stick It!

Now use 2 small squares of double stick tape under the trellis where the roses are and stick it to your gift!


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