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Household Item Minion


Jar ring Yellow felt Stuffing Sewing supplies Scissors old jeans Black marker or black felt Electrical tape (black) 2 buttons Red or pink string White sticky felt


Take a long piece of yellow fabric and fold it and get your sewing supplies ready and start from the bottom first you might wanna cut the edges to make them even try to see it curved so its like an oval once you have almost finished sewing it the stuff it with stuffing until you feel it's fluffy enough when your done with that then sew the rest of it and you should end up with an oval shaped pillow


Take the old pants and lay them out flat and start from the top and cut where the thighs and cut it strait And then turn it inside out and then slide it onto the minion body and then cut the end off and sew it so it stayed on once your done stitching orbit should look like this

Overall Straps

Take 2 skinny pieces of your old jeans and line them up with where you want them and then line the buttons on it line it up to make an X in the back and then do the other side

And then put the white fabric on the minion where you want the eye and draw a pupil. And put the apple sauce jar top of it and tape it with the black electrical tape to the minion and if you want you can add arms but If you do it's really easy you just cut out the shape of the arm and sew it and put stuffing in it an attach it to the minions -aqua12


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