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Felted Cozy Tutorial

- Wool roving in at least 4 colors
- Hand Painted Silk Ribbon

- Clover Felt Needle Mat, small
- Clover Pen Style Needle Felting Tool

Click Here for a printable version of this tutorial

Start Felting the Cozy Body

To make the cozy, peel off a length of wool roving long enough to wrap around a mug. The size can be adjusted later; it doesnt have to be exact. Lay the roving on the needle mat and begin piercing it with the felting needle tool. As the needles go through the wool it connects the fibers, making a cohesive 'fabric'. The more pircing, the more cohesive the piece becomes. Continue felting until you have a piece that can wrap around a mug.

Felt the Flowers Starting With the Petals

The flowers are next. With a small piece of roving, curl it into a circle/ball shape. No rolling or wadding, just gently fold it into a roundish shape. Place it wherever you'd like the flower. Then simply pierce it with the felting needle tool until it is firmly attached to the wrap portion. Add as many flowers as you see fit, attaching them with the same technique.

Create the Flowers Centers

To add the little brown centers, take a very small piece of roving and place it in the center of the flower. Pierce with the felting needle tool until attached.

Felt on the Stems

For the stems, shape a small bit of roving into a skinny line and attach it with the felting needle tool. The stems were tricky only because they were so skinny.

Felt on the Ribbon Tie for the Cozy

This is a tie on cozy and the ribbon was attached by sandwiching it between the already felted wrap and another piece of roving. Felt it into place with the needle felting tool. Make sure to pierce the wrap a little extra right where the ribbon pieces are to hold them securely.


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