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Daisy, Brownie, and Girl Scout Containers

One of my daughter's first Daisy Girl Scout activities was decorating a Nesquik container. She graduated from high school, earned her Gold Award, and became a lifetime Girl Scout last year. She still has her Daisy container and uses it to store her Girl Scout pin. When she was younger, her badges and patches went in her box until they were sewn on her vest.

As a holiday gift, my daughter decorated Wyler's Light containers for the Daisies in the troop she assisted. I designed the Brownie container for my niece who will bridge from Daisies to Brownies at the end of this year. The green color of the Emerald Nut container reminded me of my Girl Scout sash and inspired the Girl Scout container.

These containers would make great decorations for an Investiture of Bridging ceremony. They would also make nice gifts for leaders or scouts.

Cutting the felt takes patience. Sharp, fabric scissors make the job easier. Use toothpicks, if needed, to evenly spread glue. Instead of sewing, slick fabric paint can be used for names and/or levels.

Daisies can glue on precut flower pieces and lid decorations to make their own containers. Brownies can attach precut Brownies, embroider initials on felt using running stitch, and glue felt to lid. As skills increase, older Scouts can make the containers with minimal assistance. Glue decoration on one side at the beginning of the meeting. Let that side dry, and decorate the other side at the end of the meeting.

I enjoyed sharing this craft. I would love feedback. Thanks.



  • Nesquik or Wyler's Light container
  • Blue contact paper
  • White felt
  • Yellow or gold felt
  • Extra felt for lid
  • Thread


  • Hershey's Cocoa container
  • White felt or white contact paper
  • Light blue felt
  • Brown embroidery thread

Girl Scout

  • Emerald Nut container
  • White felt
  • Gold felt
  • Dark green thread

Supplies and Tools

Tacky glue
Goo gone

Prepare Containers

Prepare containers by removing labels. Use Goo Gone, if needed, to remove sticky residue.

Daisy: Decorate Container

Measure the container. Cut contact paper allowing for slight overlap, approximately 4 1/8" X 9" for Wyler's Light container. Apply paper starting just below the top edge of the Wyler's Light container.

Cut daisy petals from white felt using an oval pattern, with a flat end. Petals should be about 1 1/4" long and 1/2" wide at the center. A daisy takes between 5 and 7 petals. Using a quarter as a pattern, cut the flower center.

Lay out the daisy design. Glue petals and center on container.

Daisy: Decorate Lid

Using card stock, cut at circle template for the top of the Wyler's Light container. Cut out a smaller inner circle. By hand or using an embroidery sewing machine, embroider name or level on piece of felt. Use template to center name in circle. Cut out felt circle, and glue to lid.

Brownie: Cut Out Brownie

Download a Brownie image, and size so the Brownie 3 5/8 wide". Copy this image to get two identical Brownies. Roughly cut out each image. Pin to felt or contact paper. Cut out Brownies. Stick a contact paper Brownie, or glue a felt Brownie on each side.

Brownie: Decorate Lid

Create a lid template by pushing a piece of paper into indentation on top of Hershey's lid. Using template, cut out a piece of felt. Write name or level or felt, embroider using chain stitch.

Girl Scout: Decorate Container

Download the Girl Scouts' 100th anniversary trefoil logo, and make three copies. Size so that one logo is about 2 3/4" wide", one is about 2 1/2" wide and one is about 1 1/2". Duplicate each logo, so you have two of each size. Roughly cut out each image. Pin to felt, and cut out. Cut out two large outline trefoils, two medium outline trefoils, and two small solid trefoils. Glue to container as shown.

Girl Scout: Decorate Lid

Download the traditional trefoil logo. Print the logo sized to approximately 1 5/8" wide. By hand or using an embroidery sewing machine, embroider name or level on piece of felt. Roughly cut out trefoil pattern and remove part of the middle. Pin trefoil pattern to felt, aligning stitching. Cut out felt trefoil and glue to lid.


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