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Found Flaura Buttons

In this Instructable I'll walk you through how to make unique button pins from flowers and other found flaura. All you really need for this is a button maker. Paper is optional.

Pick a Flower, or a Dozen

Collect some little flowers, try to find ones that are about the size of the buttons you will be making.

I found all these flowers, and even a few cigarette butts, on my 5 minute walk from the train station to Instructables at Pier 9. Stop and smell the roses! Look around you, appreciate the beauty in nature and everyday things.

Place a Blank Button Into the Button Maker

Now that you've got your collection of flaura, break out the button maker! Start by placing a blank button in the slot, facing up.

Put in a Backdrop

You may want to put in a white paper circle or some other backdrop to give your flower a background.

Use a circle cutter to cut out a paper circle to fit to your button maker, or simply cut it out with scissors. Maybe you can use a leaf for a backdrop? IDK, go crazy with it!

Warning: these flowers may rot and get moldy and gross over time, putting paper or some other dry material in as a backdrop will help to absorb the excess moisture and prevent the flower from getting too nasty. This all depends on the size and moisture content of the particular plant you're using for your button. I encourage you to experiment with different kinds of plants and flowers to see what works best for you.

Arrange Your Miniature Bouquet

Place a small flower on top of your button, and cover it with a clear plastic disk. Push it down so that it's level with the top of the button maker. If your flower is too thick, it may not seal properly. Try cutting it down with scissors.

You can also play with composing a layout with multiple small flowers or other bits of plant-life, get creative!

Press It Down

Swivel your button under the stamp and press it down.

Place a Pin

Place a pin side into the other side of the button maker, with the pin facing down.

Attach the Pin

Spin it around again and press the handle down to attach the button to the pin side. Spin it around once more and you've got your finished button!

Get Creative

Making these buttons is easy, play around with different backgrounds, flowers and compositions. Have fun, the possibilities are endless, and every button you make will be one of a kind.

Stay tuned for the next in button series Part II: Found Fauna Buttons...


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