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"ULTRA" Fridge Magnet

Yes!!! The ultimate fridge magnet is a reality...
Now, you can maintain all your memo, pictures and all that you want, directly on the fridge's front door.

With this "Pocket Sized" project, you can retain more than 75 sheets very easily.
no more paper will fall by ground!

Are you ready has to build yours?

You like it!

The Materials

Very simple...
1- Any old or defect hard disk drive (HDD)
2- Tools to open the sealed HDD
3- Electric tape
4- Rope (help removing magnet from the metallic surface)

How to Remove Magnet

Read this first:
After this manipulation your HDD will be unusable.
(Use only old or defect HDD)

Take the HDD and remove all screw.
You have to peel sticker to remove the hidden screw..

Remove the top of the HDD (easier with flat screwdriver)

Remove the two magnet

Caution: the magnet are very strong be careful in the manipulation!

Assembling the Magnet

Now, You have two magnets.
Take one and attach with a rope . (help to remove the magnet from the metallic surface)
Use electric tape to isolate the magnet. (help to protect the metallic surface when removing magnet)

The Result!

Your new "ULTRA" Fridge magnet is ready to use on your fridge or on all other metallic surface.

USE With precaution, because this Magnet is very POWERFUL!!!!

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