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The Duct Tape Cowboy Hat

Always wanted a cowboy hat made of duct tape? Probably not. But now you can make one for yourself! All you need is a roll of duct tape, a hobby knife, and some slippery fingers to make a cowboy hat which won't tear the hair out of your head, and will withstand the harshest of climates, from rain, to snow, to cats and dogs, provided that you make it correctly.

Make the Raw Fabric

There are several methods to making duct tape fabric. The method I am using involves sticking strips of duct tape on top of each other to create a half-sticky, half-colored side, then covering the sticky side in individual duct tape strands perpendicular to the original sheet. Alternatively, you could also weave individual strands together like string, or sprinkle talcum powder on the sticky side to neutralize the adhesive.

You will need to create two sheets of duct tape fabric: One measuring 2ft x 2ft, and another measuring 2ft by 1 ft. the former piece will be the brim of the hat, and the latter will be the top. Adjust the length of the pieces to conform to the circumference of your head and to your preferences(whether you want a wide brim, or a more compact design).

Making the Top

Take the 2ft x 1ft piece and make a loop. Do not attach them at the line, but attach them at an angle. This will make the top angled at the front instead of straight up and down on all sides. Cover the seam with more duct tape.

Attaching the Top and the Brim Together

Tape down the top piece to the brim. Tape down any remaining seams as well.

Once you are sure that the hat is perfect and will fit you, cut a hole through the bottom with a craft knife or other sharp utensil, being careful not to cut through the top part or through the rest of the brim. Put tape over the cut parts.

Covering Up Holes

You are almost done with your hat. You just need to cover the top of it.

Simply cover the top of the hat with duct tape. I have left some extra duct tape on the top to give it an edge, but it is up to you whether you want to create an edge or not. Be sure to cover the inside of the hat as well to prevent hair loss.

You are finished making your duct tape cowboy hat. favorite this instructable if you enjoyed it, and comment below if you have a way to make this more AWESOME. Enjoy your new headgear.


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