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Duct Tape Belt

Intro: In this instructable I will show you how to make the ultimate duct tape belt with any logos or images on it you want.

What you will need...

- One roll of solid color of duct tape
-One roll of transparent duct tape (It does exist, scotch tough duct tape makes it.
-Company logos printed out on just regular paper
-Belt buckle loops
-Ruler and or measuring tape
-Washable marker (washable works the best because it comes off easy)

Step 1 (The Belt Buckle)

- What you will need now is to take an old belt and cut out the belt buckle loops.

- I choose to paint mine white to make them look cooler but that is optional.

Step 2 (Making the Belt)

- First off, take the tape measure and measure your waist. Now take that and add like five inches and that is how long long you will make your belt. For example, My waist is 32 inches around so I made my belt like 37 inches long.

- Second, once you have your measurements sorted out its time to make the belt. You need to make your ductape fabric now. Cut two peices of duct tape however long you are making your belt. Over lap them about a half inch. Make sure the sides are the same direction ( like both sticky sides facing up). Do this again so you have another peice of this ductape fabric. Now take these to peices and stick them together sticky sides against eachother.

- It should look like the image down below.

Step 3 (Trimming It Down)

- Now you need to decide how tall you want your belt. I made mine two inches because thats what fit my belt buckle loops best.

- So take your marker and ruler and measure out your belt.

- Now cut it out.

Step 4 (Making the Belt Buckle Peice)

- I took two peices of excess ductape fabric from trimming the belt down. I then trimmed those peices and attached them to the belt with a little strip of tape. Then put the belt buckle loops on and taped on the otherside. I finished it off by putting one peice around to secure it.

Step 5 (Loop on the End)

- To make the belt look a bit nicer I added a loop on the end. I just folded it and used a small peice of tape to secure it.

Step 6 (Adding the Images)

- Now you can chose to leave your belt the way it is or you can add some graphics.

- Go online and print out whatever images you want and cut them out. You could even draw your images.

- Now take your transparent duct tape and cut off like a 7 inch peice. Stick some logos on it then slap it on your belt. And just keep working your way down the belt doing it in small sections.


Your done!
You now have your finished belt. So put on and show it off.


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