From DIY home decor to handmade gifts, here are the best arts and crafts to spark your creativity


First we drag and drop a sphere from the menu and turn it grey

Next we get 2 ground roofs, turn them upside down, change the colour to the same colour as the sphere and merge them together like so

Next we add a cylinder make it longer, skinnier, change the colour to the same colour as the sphere and place it on top of our ground roofs

Next we add a polygon, change the colour and place it on top of the cylinder, this is the body of our robot

next, we add a ring, change the colour, duplicate it three times (or more if you wish) and place it around the body(polygon) of the robot to make it seem more high tech

Next we add a Icosahedron (a shape with 20 faces) for the face (make it your colour preference)

Then we add a sphere, make it transparent for a more high tech look and drag it up to the body

We duplicate the sphere (ctrl+d) and drag them to form the vague shape of a arm

We then add a red ball at the end to look like the hand

Then we do the same to make an arm on the other side of the robo

Making a Plate

Then we add a sphere and flatten it to make the shape of plate


next we add a sphere and shrink it to a respectable size for a sphere, we change the colour to green and duplicate (ctrl+d) it to however many peas you would like

Weird Thing

Next we press scribble and change the colour to yellow, then we can drag it up to the plate

Then we get a round roof and make it shorter and thinner then we get two spheres and place them below the ground roof. Then we get a sphere and then lengthen it into a oval then we turn it brown and attach it to the ground roof and spheres




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