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Microphone Costume

My daughter wanted to be a microphone and a disney princess so I made her a combination of the two. This costume can be catered to anything though. This is a disney princess costume but can easily be a superhero, sports figure, animal or just a microphone. It is not that hard to make so please read on…..

Build the Microphone

For this step I used a Quik-Tube from a local home hardware store. This is actually a form for pouring cement. I put it over my daughter and held it up so the bottom was around knee height. Once I did that, I cut it giving her about 5 inches from the top. I used a table saw for an easy cut.

Once I had the right length, I then cut out a hole for her face and each arm. I used a utility knife for that. Once I made those cuts, I placed duck tape around the edge of the cuts to give it a better smoother edge.

I then painted the tube. My daughter wanted pink so I put three coats of paint on the tube.

Create the Top of the Microphone

I purchased this ball from WalMart for $3.88. I taped it to the tube for the top of the microphone.


I used this shinny duck tape on the ball to make it look more like a microphone. I also cut out pictures of the Disney Princesses and glued them on the body. You can't tell from this picture but there are about 8 princesses glued all over the body. I also cut a small piece of black construction paper and glued it between the ball and the tube.

Hope you like it.


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