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Little Lumberjacks and Trees

These costumes were a lot of fun! We wanted to think of a parents versus kids theme. With one of the boys constantly trying to climb us and the other always trying to chop us down at our knees, lumberjacks and trees seemed most appropriate!

Making the Trees

Things you need-

5–6 yards of dark brown felt
5–6 yards of lighter brown felt (for the bark)
4–5 yards of fabric of your choic for inside liner (we used a jersey knit)
3–4 yards of foam padding
Scrap or small piece of sheer black fabric
Thread (& sewing machine)
Sewing pins
Faux leaves
Lots of fabric glue! (I think we went through 7–8 large bottles)
Measuring tape
Package of heavy duty snaps
Paper shopping bag (for drawing sleeve pattern on)

To make our tree costumes we used three layers. The outer layer was a dark brown felt, the middle layer was a 1/2" foam to give the costume structure,, and we used a soft jersey knit for the inside. We cut the "body" shape out of each layer, but cut the foam piece about an inch smaller than the other two layers. For the sleeves, we only used the darker felt and lining later. We sewed the sleeves to the appropriate layers, sewed the outer and liner layers together around all of the edges besides the bottom with right sides in, glued the foam layer to the felt side and inverted it. Then we sewed the bottom edges together and hemmed. We stuffed the inside of the head with pillow stuffing and then stitched the inside liner to the foam layer in a few places to hold it up. We sewed/glued a sheer black fabric in the face. We cut triangle of varying shapes and sizes and sewed two edges together to make cone-like sharp and stuff them. We sewed them all over the top of the costume to make the branches. On the outside, we glued a lighter shade of brown felt over the darker felt in strips and pieces that were cut to emulate bark. My husband added an axe cut to his using a tan felt and brown fabric marker to draw rings and carved heart with our initials in his. We went through SO much glue for this project! To finish, we found faux maple and oak leaves at the craft store to sew on the ends of the branches.

The Little Lumberjacks

For the boys costumes, we mostly pieced together articles of clothing that they already had. We made their axe and hatchet with a foam carving block, a wooden dowel, colored craft foam and craft glue. We sewed and stuffed a fake log for my oldest to carry over his shoulder. My husband sewed a tiny climbing harness and gaffs out of some scrap leather we had from previous projects for our youngest because we knew we'd be carrying him most of the time and a climbing lumberjack needs the proper gear. Our oldest wore a beard from the costume store, while our youngest sported one drawn on with brown eyeliner.

Transportation- the Wood Wagon

We also decorated a wagon to look like a wood wagon. Our kids are still very little, so we had to figure out a way to incorporate a mode of transportation for them. We used the darker fly to mak panels for th sides and ends of the wagon and sewed this onto the corners to attach them. We used scrap piece of the 1/2 foam to make circles. We covered them with tan felt (using craft glue) and drew rings on them with a brown fabric marker. These were seen onto the end pieces to look like cut ends of logs. On the side panels, we sewed 3 1/2 cylinders out of the dark get and stuffed them. We covered them with the lighter brown felt cut with a bark patten to make them look like logs.

For one trick or treat street we even dressed our dog up like a horse to pull the wagon. He forgave us after winning a pet costume contest and a basket full of treats.


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