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Black Eye Tutorial Materials

We are going to create a tutorial for painting a black eye. The materials needed are dark red, purple, and brown face paint. You will also need to use translucent powder.

Step One

The very first step in painting a black eye is to apply the red face paint to the area of your skin where the point of contact will be.

Second Step

the next step is to blend the paint into the skin more and then add the translucent powder, so it starts to settle.

Step Three

Now to darken the bruise, add a little bit of the dark brown paint, so it starts to look a little bit more realistic. It will now start to look more like a bruise color, after this add more powder.

Step Four

Now add some purple paint because that is the color of a bruise. That will give it the effect of the punch to the eye coming to life and a more real feel.


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