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Birthday Scrapbook Using Waste Materials

This is a scrapbook made of scrap papers for a best friend.

Its a birthday scrapbook.

This scrapbook has been made with least resources and also used trashes to make this treasure.

This shows your care towards your best friend and even not take much time to be made.??

Except scrap papers we dont need to buy anything. All the things used are juste the waste things found in our? houses?..

1 Page of the Scrapbook

First page of the scrapbook.

Things required:-thick pages of any drawing book, red scrap paper, yellow scrap paper, blue and pink scrap paper.

First cut the yellow scrap paper into the shape of a base of a cake.

Red scrap paper into a upper part of a cake and pink into candles of 15 years.

Then with blue colour cut the name of your bestie.

Cut small? hearts? with red colour for all the pages.

Stick all the things as in the picture.

2 Page of the Scrapbook

firstly stick a colourful woollen thread.

Then hang 2 heart shaped pagez of pink and black colour.

And also two rectangle shaped of pink and black colour as shown in the picture.

Stick the small hearts in the remaining place to decorate it..

3 Page of the Scrapbook

write 15 things about your bestie in different colours of sheets.

And stick according to the pic.

4 Page of the Scrapbook

stick a red sheet in the middle and write avout the friendship..

5 Page of Scrapbook.. Endless Card

it is an endless card for endless friendship.

6 Page of Scrapbook

use blue and red coloured sheet and fold it according to the pic and use red hearts to decorate the page.

7 Page of Scrapbook

take a yellow sheet and fold it according to the pic and stick a pink colured sheet on its front as well at the midlle of the front. And write i love u

8 Page of Scrapbook

use two different coloured sheets and cut into circles and stick according to the pic

And also stick a blue coloured sheet to write a poem for your bestie on it.

Stick a ribbion as shown in the pic.

9 Page of Scrapbook

make three yellow coloured three openable? hearts and one red coloured heart.

And stick according to the pic.

10 Page of the Scrapbook

using blue coloured sheets make three rectangle shaped with tied ribbion on the top.

Decorate the page as shown in the pic.


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