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Birthday Card

Hi. Today I am going to make this birthday card.

I am making this card for my little brother. His birthday is coming on November. Every year I am gave card to him, but in this year I want to give special type of card to him.

Materials Needed

Colour papers
Glitter pens
Sketch pen
Decorative materials ( like rhinestones, glitters, stickers, etc)

Make small card( no need to decorate or writing) to see how long you want make. I am making side flip card.

Now arrange it to see where you need to stick papers together.

Put glue on corner and wait.

It will look like this.

Now decorate one corner of pages with colour tape.

Now decorate with glitter pens, sketch pens, similes ( see in whatsapp for drawing), quotes, wishes, jokes, quilling, etc.

Now make envelope with chart paper.

Make flowers from the corner of paper plate.

Now stick the flower on the envelope for decorating.



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