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Make Your Own 3D Paper Maze

Have you ever seen one of those clear plastic balls with all the little colored tracks on the inside? Well this is kinda like that but it doesn't have a ball around it and and it is made from paper and hot glue. To be more specific index cards and hot glue.

Tool, Materials and Prep

Materials Needed To Make The Maze:

(2) Index cards

Small mettle balls(BB's)

Tools Needed To Make The Maze:


Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks

Basic Prep:

Take one of the index cards and cut it in to strips of 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch as in the photo below.

The lines on the index cards i used were 1/4 inch wide which made this step easer.

Bend the 1/2 inch wide strips in half to form a "L". This is a "L" track.

Then bend the 3/4 inch wide strip in thirds to form a "U". This is a "U" track.

Now lets get building!

Bending a "L" Track

Make a small cut with the scissors ware you want to make the bend.

Then apply glue on one side of the cut.

quickly bend the track 90 degrees. as in the photo below (I lay the track down on the table to take the photo it use to be standing upright).

And that is how to bend a "L" track.

Two Ways to Bend a "U" Track

There are two different methods for bending a "U" track. Each method is has its own situation to be used in.

Method one is used to turn right or left. And method two is for turning up.

Method One:

Make three cuts in the place ware you want to make the bend. see the photo below.

Bend the two tabs up and down as in the photo below.

Apply glue to the taps marked with pencil.

Then quickly bend the "U" track in half see photos below for details.

You may want to apply glue to the inner corner to help hold it together.

Method Two:

This is going to be easier then method one.

Make two cuts at the location you wish to bend at see the photo below.

Then apply glue to the locations described in the photo below. and bend in the same way you bent the "L" track.

And that is method two!


All mazes need some difficulty right? Well here are a few ideas.

The drop of doom!

On my maze the ball has to jump from a "U" track down to the finish track.

The hole of no return!

On this obstacle you want to follow the blue line and go up the side shoot. You do not want to follow the red line!

The tricky split!

Going the right way might be a bit tricky!

And many many more!

Build a Maze!

Now you are ready to build a maze!

There is a list of photos below of a simple maze I built. But you don't have to follow them. come up with your own creative design!

Here are the photos of the one I built.

And that's it!



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