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TRIANGLE BOOK From One Sheet of Paper

This is a fun and easy way to make a unique book of basically 18 pages while using only one sheet of paper.


All you need is the paper, the size of the triangle book naturally depends on the size of the paper.

I used 18"X18"

a pair of scissors, a ruler and a pencil.

Folding the Triangle

First fold the paper in half long way, hot dog fold. The fold again, into a square shape. Fold back one half then the next forming a pyramid shape.

Cutting the Triangle

Use the ruler to draw a straight line across the bottom edge to create the triangle shape. Cut along the line

Unfold and Re-fold

open the paper and along ONE fold line cut to the center spot.

Next fan fold each section of the book. You now have a triangle book that can be read backwards and forwards.

Turning the Pages

Each triangle page of the book can be decorated any way you choose. You can turn the pages or open it flat, it is also two sided.

Arches Paper

This book was printed on both sides using a luxurious piece of Arches BFK printmaking paper. Printed first then folded and cut.

Writing in Your Book

The triangle book can be used for anything, writing, collage, old photographs.They also make a very nice personalized Gift/Card.

Have Fun


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