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How to Make a Hand Painted Recipe Book

I would like to share with you this cool tutorial- how to make unique hand painted recipe book!

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You Are Going to Need

  • acrylic paint
  • brushes/different sizes
  • pallet
  • inc
  • White Sketchbook Canvas Cover Spiral
  • varnish

Prepare Your Workplace

Organize your workplace by placing the paints that you are going to use next to you.

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Paint the Covers With One Plain Colour

When applying the acrylic mix it with a bit of water. The paint shouldn`t be too waterish.

Apply Gold Acrylic Paint

After the paint has dried, apply a second layer of gold or silver paint. While the gold paint is still wet- start making lines with the pallet-as shown on the picture.

Paint Your Design

Always have an idea of the design you want to draw on your book. Free your imagination and experiment with different colours,materials.

Draw Your Logo on the Back Cover

Think of unique logo and paint it on the back cover of the book.

Apply a Varnish

Once the covers have dried. Apply a spray varnish.Leave it to dry.

Your Unique Recipe Book Is Ready!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, I sure did — while creating these books!

Visit my full blog post on: DIY: How to make a hand painted recipe book.

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