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Homemade Stress Ball

Ingredients: 1 cup Flour, 1/2 cup Salt, 1/2 cup Warm Water, 1 Tbsp Vegetable Oil, 2 Glass Mixing Bowls, Food Coloring, 1 Medium Sized Balloon, 1 piece Wax/Parchment paper, 1 spoon.

Bowl 1 Mix

Mix the 1/2 cup of salt with the 1 cup of flour.

Bowl 2 Mix

In a separate bowl bowl, pour warm water and add 3–4 drops of food coloring. Mix.

Bowl 2 Add Oil

Add 1 tbsp of vegetable oil. Mix.

Mix Ingredients Gradually

Gradually add the contents from Bowl 2 into Bowl 1 while mixing.


Knead the mixture until you have the right consistency. It should not be too sticky. Add flour to reduce "stickiness." Add water to increase "stickiness."

One More Coat

Put a light amount of flour onto a sheet of wax/parchment paper, then knead the mixture once more.

Spoon Out Your Ball

Using a spoon or a knife or your hands make a portion that fits nicely into the palm of your hand.

Stuff the Dough

Using your hands or most easily a syringe with a wide tip, stuff the mixture into the medium sized balloon.

Tie the Knot

Tie the end of the balloon nice and tight so that your mixture stays put.

Relieve Stress the Healthy Way

Squeeze until the stress be gone:)


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